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Musikkorps der Berliner Schutzpolizei 1948-1962

Deutsche Marschemusik -Berlinzer Schutzpolizei

These legendary recordings feature Obermusikmeister Heinz Winkel leading the Musikkorps der Schutzpolizei Berlin, which was reestablished in 1948 by the Police President of the three western sectors of the occupied German capital.

The band's regular concerts swiftly became crucial to the morale of West Berlin, keeping "Berliner Luft" alive in the isolated city as Cold War tensions steadily increased. Heinz Winkel's performances are still appreciated by connoisseurs of German march music for their percussive "parade" beat and strong brass sections.

Recorded from 1948 through 1962 these recordings were originally released on the Telefunken and London labels, and have now been digitally remastered and are available on CD!